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Where is Lavlii located?

Lavlii is now located in Sarasota, Florida. Previously, the brand resided in New York City's financial district for 16 years. Designer Lucie, while based in Florida, frequently returns to the city to serve her cherished clientele.

What does "Lavlii" mean, and why was it chosen as the brand's name?

Lavlii" is the phonetic spelling of the word "lovely" in Czech, with an added "i" at the end. It's the designer's favorite description of her work, representing the essence of her creations.

Is Lavlii a women-run and owned business?

Yes, Lavlii is a women-run and owned business. Lucie is the owner and creative director, personally crafting original pieces. She actively participates in all meetings, appointments, and trunk shows, ensuring a hands-on approach to her brand.

Does Lavlii Have a Physical Location?

Our bridal and casual collections can be discovered at 2073 Siesta Drive in Sarasota, Florida, within the bridal salon owned by my partner, Monica. Should you choose to visit Monica's Bridal Boutique, I would be delighted to personally meet with you, providing assistance in styling, recommendations, and bespoke designs for any occasion, whether bridal or otherwise. However, the majority of our extensive collection resides within my home studio. We place great emphasis on fostering in-person connections, which is why I frequently travel to appointments and events. Furthermore, Lavlii pieces are available in select stores, and you can find additional information regarding these locations on our "Locations" page.

Where are you from?

I am from the Czech Republic.

How long has Lavlii been in business, and where was it initially established?

Lavlii LLC has been in business for 17 years, with its roots in New York City, where it operated for 15 years.

How did you get started in jewelry design?

I created my very first pair of earrings when I was just 8 or 9 years old, using a Christmas ornament hook, a few feathers, and some beads. From that moment, my passion for jewelry design was ignited, and I haven't looked back since.

What is your educational and artistic background?

I studied business and economics. My art is entirely self-taught through a process of trial and error, along with learning from books and resources.

Booking Info & Locations

Can I come to see and try on Lavlii pieces in person?

Yes, I offer various ways for you to explore my pieces in person. I provide appointments in select cities, particularly in Florida and New York City. During these appointments, I will personally meet with you and showcase a selection of pieces from which you can choose. You can also request a completely unique, "made-to-order" design.

Lavlii jewelry and bridal accessories can be found in numerous jewelry and bridal stores. To find a store near you, please visit my "Locations" page.

For those in the Sarasota area, I have a close partnership with Monica's Bridal Boutique. There, you can not only see a significant part of my collection but also receive personal styling assistance, recommendations, and custom design guidance, whether for bridal or any special occasion.

I also offer online support through email, phone calls, and video chats. This allows us to discuss and show you how your chosen piece complements your favorite hairstyle and enhances your overall look.

Please note that I do not currently operate a physical store or studio. If you're interested in a studio visit, you can inquire about it through the "Book an Appointment" page on my website.

How can I book an appointment?

If you are located within my service area, please visit the "Booking Info" page on my website and provide your details. I will get in touch with you within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.

Is there an appointment fee?

No, there is no appointment fee. However, please note that for in-person appointments, we do have a minimum order requirement.

Is there a minimum order requirement for designs?

For simple online modifications of existing designs, there is no minimum order.

When placing an online custom design order, a minimum order total of $150 is required.

For in-person appointments at your preferred location, the minimum order is $200. If your order does not meet this minimum, the remaining amount will be converted into a site credit for your future purchases.

How long is the duration of my appointment?

Appointment durations vary and can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the specific request and requirements of each appointment.

Can I bring guests to my appointment?

Yes, you are welcome to bring guests to your appointment.

How should I prepare for the appointment?

Any preparations are at your discretion. You are welcome to come with ideas and specific requirements in mind. If desired, you can prepare by styling your hair in a manner similar to your wedding day style. I am available to meet you after your hair rehearsal appointment or at the scheduled appointment time. If you'd like to see the final look with all elements together, you're also encouraged to wear your gown during the appointment.

What should I expect during the appointment?

Once we've confirmed the location and style you prefer, I will present you with a range of options for you to try on, which can vary from a few to over 30 designs. We can also delve into detailed discussions to create a completely custom look, which can be inspired by a picture, a combination of ideas, or even start from a sketch.

You can draw inspiration from my current or previous Lavlii pieces available on my website or Instagram. During the appointment, we will collaborate to design and create your dream piece, ensuring you have a delightful and personalized experience.

What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is an exclusive event where designers personally showcase their merchandise to store personnel or potential clients. These events can span from a few hours to several days or even weeks. Designers typically feature their best-selling items, seasonal designs, or brand-new collections.

Trunk shows often serve as the initial unveiling of the latest designer fashions, allowing store personnel to get a first look and even make pre-orders before the merchandise becomes available to the public.

As a designer, I particularly enjoy trunk shows because they provide an opportunity to meet new clients and prospective store owners interested in carrying my creations. It allows me to answer questions, showcase the quality of my craftsmanship, and explain what sets my work apart as unique and special.

During a trunk show, we can engage in direct discussions about customizing your piece, offering previews of available options, enabling you to try on different jewelry, and helping you decide which style best aligns with your preferences, the practicality of its wear, and the comfort for your special occasion. It's a wonderful opportunity for a personalized and interactive experience.

Do you host sales events?

Yes, I offer a variety of gatherings and events. These include functions held at my studio or various venues, private parties hosted at a customer's home (with special offers for the hostess), attendance at trunk shows, bridal events, and special designer markets. Additionally, I host online live sale events.

You can find information about upcoming events on the dedicated page of my website. If you're interested in hosting a Lavlii party, please feel free to contact me through the provided contact section.

Order Pieces & Wholesale

What does "made to order" mean?

Made to order" signifies that each new piece is crafted specifically in response to your order. I maintain a limited number of original pieces for display and marketing purposes. However, the majority of my production is initiated upon receiving orders, aligning with principles of sustainability and minimizing waste. This approach allows you to easily request small, unique changes, such as alterations to plating and colors when placing your order.

How long does it take to create a piece?

Every Lavlii design is meticulously handcrafted by me. The production time can vary, ranging from a few days to several weeks, depending on my current workload and the season. You can find the specific expected production time for each item listed on its product page.

Do you offer rush orders?

Yes, I can generally expedite your order. To discuss rush order options, please send me an email before placing your order. I will provide you with the available options based on my current workload and custom orders. I always strive to accommodate your needs, though certain pieces may incur a rush fee, especially if it involves expediting my component factory's production.

It's important to note that any faster or expedited shipping options only affect the transit carrier's delivery timeline. For rush orders, please contact me directly and choose the appropriate shipping option during the checkout process.

Do you offer wholesale options?

Yes, I do offer wholesale opportunities. If you're interested in carrying Lavlii pieces in your store, please visit my wholesale page and complete the provided form. Simply specify your interests, and I will gladly reach out to you.

I urgently need a headpiece for a wedding or special occasion. Can you assist?

Certainly, if you require a headpiece on short notice, please send your request via my contact page or email it to I will make every effort to assist you promptly. I have a selection of beautiful original pieces readily available. We can also use photos and video chats to identify the perfect headpiece to meet your needs.

The delivery timeline will depend on your location, and I can arrange for expedited delivery or overnight shipping if necessary.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we offer gift cards. To purchase one, please visit this link and select the desired amount.

How does your gift card work?

You can easily purchase a gift card by following this link. On the gift card page, you can choose the desired amount, provide your information, and specify the email address to which you'd like the gift card to be sent.

Do your gift cards have an expiration date?

No, my gift cards do not expire.

Designer Pieces

Where are Lavlii designs made?

Lavlii designs are proudly handcrafted in the USA. The intricate work takes place in my studio located in Sarasota, Florida. The majority of components used in my designs are produced in various locations, including Rhode Island, California, and New York. I collaborate with talented designers in both the USA and Europe to create private-label flowers. The high-end crystals used in Lavlii pieces originate from Austria, reflecting a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Can you create sets for bridal parties?

Absolutely! I take great pleasure in crafting bridal and bachelorette party gifts. These gifts can be tailored to your preferences - they can either match perfectly or feature subtle variations in the choice of crystals, stones, or flowers to cater to each lady's personality and style.

The options are versatile, including various types of jewelry. For example, I frequently create personalized versions of bridal earrings with different birthstones for each bridesmaid. Additionally, I've designed elegant and petite versions of bridal combs, headbands, or other pieces for the maid of honor, the mother of the bride, and even flower girls.

To get started on creating these unique pieces, please visit my custom piece page using this form: Custom Pieces.

What's the story behind your patriotic line?

My patriotic line offers you the chance to infuse your favorite jewelry pieces with the colors of your country's flag. Whether it's earrings, headpieces, or any other jewelry item, I can customize them to showcase your national pride.

But the customization doesn't stop there! You can also choose your sports team's colors, your alma mater's hues, or even your family emblem. For example, I've previously designed a comb for Mets and Rangers fans.

If you have a specific request in mind, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be delighted to share some inspirational examples from my past work and work with you to bring your vision to life. Your jewelry can be a unique reflection of your passions and pride.

I'm attending my favorite team's game. Can you design a special piece for me?

Absolutely! Feel free to get in touch with your vision, and together, we can embark on the journey of creating a unique piece that perfectly represents your team spirit. Let's bring your idea to life!

Do you create Halloween or holiday-inspired pieces?

Yes, I do! Each year, I introduce a fresh holiday line while also offering bestsellers from previous years. Whether you're looking for fun Halloween pieces, Thanksgiving-themed designs featuring pumpkins, Easter egg-inspired jewelry, or collections inspired by Memorial and Labor Day, I've got you covered. I also have an extensive Christmas collection.

While I have specific components tailored to each holiday, I can also create elegant pieces inspired by the colors associated with a particular season. For instance, if you're not into cute little pumpkins for Halloween, you might opt for a sophisticated piece featuring golden leaves, Austrian crystals, and pearls in autumnal hues that gently shimmer. The possibilities are limitless, and crafting your very own, unique piece is something I'm truly passionate about and love to do.

What materials do you work with?

I'm deeply committed to my art, which began as a hobby and has since become my full-time job. This journey has led me to maintain an extensive and ever-evolving inventory, always on the lookout for something new and exciting. As for custom requests, my philosophy is simple: if I can find it, obtain it, attach it, and it's cruelty-free, I'll turn it into a work of art.

Each of my creations features a handcrafted blend of non-toxic materials. You'll often see jewelry made using high-quality metal filigrees, available in a wide range of platings. The majority of my pieces are crafted from high-quality brass made in the USA and then plated in various metals, including 24-karat gold, sterling silver, antique gold, rose gold, blue and green patina, antique gold, copper, black, gunmetal, and copper ox finishes. Other findings are hand-painted with non-toxic acrylic paints or adorned with embellishments.

The stunning sparkle in my pieces comes from Austrian crystals and pearls, and some items feature Czech crystals or Peruvian beads. I carry a diverse selection of freshwater pearls, shells, gemstones, and fire-polished Czech beads in various shapes and colors.

For added elegance, I offer a range of Austrian crystal setting shapes and chains. You'll discover an array of materials, including lace, silk, burlap, satin, felt, crochet, paper, veiled beaded flowers, and flowers made from cold porcelain, clay, lampwork glass, leather, suede, and even iron hammered using traditional blacksmith techniques.
My collection also features a remarkable assortment of handmade beads, crafted by artists I've had the pleasure of meeting over my 18 years in the business. I occasionally work with feathers, fur, antique gold coins, buttons, and even tiny watch wheel parts for select headbands. You'll find various headbands, from classic to playful, with spikes and crowns, featuring antique spikes to colorful and vibrant options.
I'm known for incorporating sports and lapel pins, souvenirs, and even family heirlooms, transforming them into stunning headpieces. I offer a lovely variety of veil materials, including tulle, English net, chiffon, dimmer illusion, organza, lace, and birdcage veils, available in bridal colors as well as colorful and black options.

My love for the ocean shines through as I work with a vast variety of seashells, both authentic and crafted from clay, and even created from genuine sea glass. A wide array of chains, both metal and fabric, is featured throughout my work. However, I focus on creating accessible art, and for this reason, I do not work with solid gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, and other highly exclusive materials.

With a commitment to evolving beauty, I introduce new materials in nearly every collection, constantly exploring sustainable options. Detailed material specifications for each item can be found in the product descriptions.

Can you create a matching collection of pieces for my friends with colors specific to each person?

Absolutely! Whether you're looking for friendship bracelets, earrings, or headpieces, we can craft a unique and personalized collection that perfectly matches the colors and styles specific to each person. Let's bring your vision to life together!

To get started on creating these one-of-a-kind pieces, please visit my custom piece page using this form: Custom Pieces.

I've found a comb design I love, but I'd prefer it on a headband. Can you recreate it?

Absolutely! Anything you come across on my website, Instagram, or in articles can be recreated on a different base, just as you envision. In fact, I've even crafted entire elaborate headpieces inspired by smaller earrings. Your creativity is the limit!

To get started on bringing your idea to life, please visit my custom piece page using this form: Custom Pieces.

What types of bases or hair accessory attachments do you offer?

I provide a diverse range of hair accessory bases and attachments, including headbands, combs, pins, barrettes, and tiaras, all available in various platings and finishes. Additionally, I can transform certain designs into vines, sprays, wreaths, or halos using plated artistic wire.

For fabric bases, you can choose from options such as satin, elastic, lace, and other materials. If you'd like more details or have specific preferences, please don't hesitate to email me, and I'll be happy to assist. I offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit your needs.

Do you work with sustainable materials?

Yes, I'm committed to using sustainable materials in my creations. This includes working with pearls, shells, and various organic materials. Additionally, I incorporate recycled or re-purposed materials, like sea glass, to craft eco-conscious headpieces, aligning with my dedication to sustainability and responsible design.

What is your price range?

My creations span a broad price range, from simple earrings starting at around $20 to impressive headpieces priced at $1600 and beyond.

I wear a wig. Can you assist me in finding something suitable?

Absolutely. Please send me an email, and we can discuss options to ensure comfortable wear with your wig.

Can you replicate or recreate pieces from other designers?

Out of respect for my fellow artists, I do not directly copy their work. However, I can certainly use the design as a source of inspiration, building upon it to create a unique piece with distinctive touches that make it your very own.

I lost one of my earrings. Can you create a replacement for me?

In most cases, yes! To get started, please visit my custom piece page using this form: Custom Pieces, or feel free to reach out via email at Please include a picture or order information, and I will promptly assist you with your replacement request.

You created a piece for me. Can you design matching earrings?

Absolutely! The possibilities are limitless. Let's collaborate on your bespoke pieces and bring your vision to life. Please connect with me through my bespoke page, and we'll get to creating together!

Can you repair or recreate my grandmother's antique tiara?

While there are ways to disassemble, clean, and replace metals, restore fabric components, and polish crystals, I often recommend preserving potentially fragile pieces as cherished keepsakes. In these cases, I can create a similar piece for you, capturing the essence of the original.

In certain situations, I may be able to restore the tiara or provide it with additional support or structure. I've worked with pieces where functioning elements were removed and incorporated into a brand-new design as centerpieces.

If your tiara is made of solid gold or sterling silver, I'd suggest consulting a certified goldsmith for expert plating services to maintain the integrity of these precious materials.

Can you work with parts I provide or repurpose a gem from a pin or brooch?

Yes, I'd be delighted to repurpose your keepsakes or gems. Simply share your idea with me in the bespoke section, and please include a photo of the part in question. Let's bring your vision to life!

What does it mean when you say "all components are wired-on"?

When I mention that all components are "wired-on," it signifies that I meticulously use artistic wire to hand-wire each leaf, crystal, pearl, and other elements directly onto their respective bases. I do not rely on adhesive methods, such as glue guns, or soldering techniques in my craftsmanship.

What are Austrian Crystals?

Austrian crystals, also commonly referred to as Swarovski crystals, are exquisite crystal glass pieces meticulously crafted in Austria. These high-quality glass and pearl components are my preferred choice due to their unparalleled brilliance and quality. Despite the significant quantity required for each special piece, they remain reasonably priced.

Austrian crystals are meticulously handcrafted using a traditional technique, renowned for their precision in cutting hand-blown glass. Austria is renowned as a leader in the production of these precision-cut crystals.

In both natural sunlight and artificial lighting, Austrian crystals exhibit an intense and dazzling sparkle. They are known for their brilliance, clarity, and lead-free composition, setting them apart from rhinestones and any other crystals currently available in the market.

Do you use real pearls in your designs?

Yes, I certainly do. In the description of each listing, you'll find information specifying whether the piece is crafted with real freshwater pearls or Austrian crystal pearls. If a piece contains real pearls, it will be clearly indicated with the phrase "freshwater pearl."

And remember, I always offer the option for custom designs, allowing you to tailor the materials to your preferences.

I have metal allergies. Do you have earring solutions for sensitive ears?

Absolutely! I offer a variety of options to accommodate sensitive ears. You can choose from solid gold posts or gold-filled ones for a luxurious and hypoallergenic choice. Additionally, I provide an affordable option with plastic posts and hooks to ensure comfortable and irritation-free wear.

I don't have pierced ears. Can I wear your earrings?

Absolutely! I offer a variety of options to accommodate sensitive ears. You can choose from solid gold posts or gold-filled ones for a luxurious and hypoallergenic choice. Additionally, I provide an affordable option with plastic posts and hooks to ensure comfortable and irritation-free wear.

I don't have pierced ears. Can I wear your earrings?

Absolutely! I offer versatile options for non-pierced ears. You can choose from clip-on posts and screw-hinge clip-on replacements to enjoy my earrings without the need for pierced ears.

Regarding magnetic earring posts, I've explored a few options but haven't yet found a reliable kind. Additionally, magnetic earrings could potentially interfere with certain electronic devices. For these reasons, I recommend the use of clip-on alternatives for a comfortable and hassle-free experience.

What's the difference between your platings?

You can explore sample images on my Materials and Platings page for visual references.

The majority of my pieces are plated in 24-karat gold or sterling silver, with various other options available throughout my website or upon request.

In general, when I describe an item as "gold," it typically falls into one of the three plating categories below. Please note that I do not work with solid gold components.

Gold Plating:

  • I offer three types of gold finishes: 24-karat gold, matte gold, and antique gold.

24 Karat Gold:

  • Listings described as "gold" or "24 karat gold" signify components made of high-quality brass. This brass undergoes a plating process that uses an electrical current to coat it with a thin layer of 99% pure gold. This results in a finish that resembles real gold and should be cared for accordingly. It adds a luxurious look and luster to the jewelry piece. Designs are not made from pure solid gold.

Matte Gold:

  • Matte gold finishes offer a softer, less reflective appearance than traditional gold plating.

Antique Gold:

  • Designs with antique gold finishes feature components that are initially plated in 24-karat gold and then finished with an antique solution. This process gives the pieces a darker, aged, and sophisticated look. Some areas or spots may appear darker than others, which is a natural variation due to the chemical and drying process. I make every effort to choose the closest matching antiqued shading for each piece, so variations should not be seen as product defects.

Silver Plating:

  • When an item is described as "silver," it typically means that I offer sterling silver and imitation rhodium-plated finishes. I do not work with pure silver or sterling silver. Sterling silver plating results in a bright, lighter silver with a shiny appearance, while imitation rhodium offers a slightly dimmer silver look. I carry the latter option due to its better anti-tarnish properties.

Other Plating Options:

  • I offer various plating options, including rose gold, antique rose gold, copper, bright copper, antique copper, patina (in green and blue), black, gunmetal, and matte black.

Hand-Made Options:

  • In addition to electroplated finishes, I also offer hand-made options. I have a wide selection of high-quality acrylic paints and colorful patina solutions. I can mix and match paints to find the perfect shade for your piece or create a blending of Ombres of colors. After applying a few layers of paint, I seal each component with a high-quality, non-toxic sealer for durability and a polished finish.

Shipping Info

Do you offer combined shipping for multiple items?

Yes, I'm delighted to provide combined shipping for your convenience. When you purchase multiple items together in one transaction, the shopping cart will automatically consolidate the shipping costs. If the total order value surpasses the advertised amount, you may even qualify for free shipping, with specific thresholds for domestic and international orders.

If you've placed separate orders in different transactions, please send me an email to request combined shipping. If the initial item has not yet left my studio, I'm more than happy to refund you the difference in shipping costs.

Do you offer free shipping for domestic and international orders?

Yes, I certainly do! Enjoy free shipping on domestic orders totaling $100 or more, and on international orders of $350 or more.

Where do you ship from?

I ship all my items from Sarasota, Florida

Are all pieces ready to ship immediately?

I handcraft each piece to order, which means the creation process typically takes anywhere from a few days to a maximum of two weeks. On each item listing, you'll find information on the estimated turnaround time and shipping details, as the complexity can vary between items.

If you require your jewelry sooner, don't hesitate to contact me, and I'll make every effort to assist you. I may have some original pieces in stock, and I can expedite shipping for those to meet your needs.

Do you offer worldwide shipping?

Yes, I do offer worldwide shipping. Before placing your order, please contact me to discuss shipping options and details. For orders of $350 and above, you can enjoy free shipping. It's important to note that shipping costs and any associated customs or duties are the responsibility of the buyer. Please be aware that customs processes can potentially add 1-2 weeks to the shipping timeline. I'm unable to mark orders as gifts. Generally, international shipping costs range between $30 and $60.

Do you collect taxes and customs fees on international orders?

Lavlii LLC is not responsible for packages once they arrive at international post offices. Any concerns related to VAT, tariffs, or other fees must be addressed before shipping. Please be aware that any additional fees incurred are not associated with Lavlii.

Are duties and taxes included at checkout?

Duties and taxes are calculated based on several factors, including the items ordered, their origin, your shipping destination, and the total purchase value. In some countries, duties and taxes may be required to be paid upon delivery, and it will be the responsibility of the customer.

Do you offer rush shipping?

Yes, I offer rush shipping services. If you require your order quickly, please contact me at before making your purchase. Please note that there is a small rush fee associated with this service. I will also provide recommendations for the best-expedited shipping options. It's important to keep in mind that once your piece leaves my studio, I cannot guarantee the exact delivery time, as it depends on external shipping factors.

How can I track my package?

After your order is processed and completed, you will receive a confirmation email from me. This email will contain your tracking number, allowing you to monitor the status of your package. Please note that tracking is not available if you choose first-class shipping.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the personalized nature of each piece, I regret that I am unable to issue returns or refunds. However, if your items arrive damaged or you receive an incorrect piece, please contact me at I deeply value my customers and always strive to provide excellent customer service and care. If you wish to cancel your order, please do so within a few hours of placing it, as I begin work on orders promptly


How can I pay for my order?

Within the U.S., we accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also offer convenient payment options such as Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, Klarna, and Affirm.

For orders outside of the U.S., we provide localized payment methods specific to your country. Please note that all prices are in USD (U.S. Dollars).

How secure is this store?

Your safety is our priority. In the U.S., we accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also offer convenient payment options like Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, Klarna, and Affirm, ensuring secure transactions.

For international orders, we provide localized payment methods tailored to your country. Please keep in mind that all our prices are in USD (U.S. Dollars).

Additionally, this store uses PayPal for payments, and PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information during transmission. It employs the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit encryption, the highest commercially available level, to safeguard your data as it travels from your computer to our system. Your information is well protected, providing a safe and secure shopping experience.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase from this store?

No, it is not necessary to have a PayPal account in order to make a purchase from this store. However, if you already have a PayPal account, you have the option to use it for your transaction.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans through Klarna and Affirm.

Can I request a price adjustment if an item goes on sale after my purchase?

Certainly, we do allow for price adjustments if you notify us within 24 hours of your purchase. Please note that discount codes cannot be applied retroactively.

Product Care

How should I take care of my jewelry?

Caring for your jewelry is important to maintain its beauty and longevity. You can find an extensive guide with valuable tips on our dedicated blog in the "About" section. However, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Treat Your Pieces with Care: Our jewelry is delicate and should be handled gently when worn or manipulated.
  • Avoid Harsh Substances: Refrain from exposing your jewelry to hairspray, mists, sprays, perfume, water, or any substances that may affect the quality of clay and porcelain flowers, dull the crystals' clarity and shine, or potentially encourage tarnishing of metal components.
  • Keep Your Hands Clean: It's essential to have clean hands when handling your jewelry. If you have a hairstylist or makeup artist who assists you in styling your pieces, kindly ask them to do the same.
  • Store in a Dry Environment: To preserve the beauty of your jewelry, store it in a dry environment, ideally in the box or sachet it arrived in. This will protect it from humidity and heat, ensuring it remains in the best possible condition.

How do I take care of my product?

Handmade Fabric Flowers:

  • Avoid getting them wet.
  • Keep them away from direct sunlight if they are hand-dyed.
  • High humidity can affect them, so store them in a dry environment.
  • These flowers are not washable. Only spot hand cleaning is recommended when absolutely necessary. Please note that we cannot guarantee they will be perfect after attempting to clean them.
  • These pieces are hand-sewn, so handle them with care. Avoid setting heavy objects on top of the flowers, as this may wrinkle or misshape them.

Feather Pieces:

  • Gently stroke the feathers if they appear ruffled. This can help to "zipper" the filaments back together.
  • Handle feather pieces delicately, as they are quite fragile.

Wired Vines:

  • Avoid bending them back and forth.
  • Steer clear of direct contact with hair products.
  • Store them in their signature box to prevent dust accumulation.

Metal Headbands and Headpieces:

  • Be cautious not to drop or shake them inside the box.
  • Avoid bending them excessively to prevent breakage.
  • Store these pieces in their signature box to prevent dust accumulation.

Dust Prevention:

  • Keep your pieces dust-free by storing them in the box they were shipped in.

Communication Regarding Damages:

  • Please report any damages not caused by shipping or customer mishandling within 48 hours of receipt. You can contact us at
  • If the item is damaged after this time frame, it will be the responsibility of the customer.

Should you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to assist you!

Looking After Your Hair Accessories

I hope that you'll enjoy wearing your bridal hair accessories and jewelry long after your wedding day. I believe there should be more everyday crown-wearing! However, for the days when you won't be donning your headdress, here are some tips on how to care for it:


  • Keep your hair accessory in the box when it's not in use. Our sturdy boxes are designed to protect delicate hair accessories from damage and dust.
  • Alternatively, you can display your headpiece under a glass dome, which looks beautiful. However, please keep it out of direct sunlight. Naturally dyed silks may fade, and some glass beads can discolor, especially when exposed to sunlight.

Metal Maintenance:

  • Our hair accessories are crafted using a variety of metals, including non-tarnish raw brass, non-tarnish silver-plated wire, raw brass, copper, and recycled sterling silver and gold.
  • Tarnish is a natural process that occurs when metals are exposed to oxygen. Even non-tarnish metals will eventually tarnish over time (several years, depending on humidity levels) if left on display.
  • To prevent tarnish, it's best to keep your headdress in an airtight box when not in use.
  • We include anti-tarnish patches with all our accessories to provide short-term protection, and these can be replaced.
  • Natural metals like copper, raw brass, and sterling silver will develop a richer, deeper patina over time. If you prefer to maintain the original appearance, store your headdress in its box and place the box in an airtight container.

Taking these steps will help preserve the beauty of your headdress and ensure that it continues to shine on any occasion.

Can I Clean my Headdress or Hair Accessories?

Cleaning your headdress or hair accessories can be a delicate task due to their intricate design. These pieces are made to last a lifetime and even be passed down to future generations. To ensure their longevity, treat them with the same care as you would for precious jewelry or a delicate veil. Here are some tips on how to care for your headdress:

Proper Storage:

  • Always keep your headdress in its box or display case. This prevents exposure to air for extended periods, reducing the risk of tarnishing.

Dust Removal:

  • If your headdress accumulates dust, gently remove it using a soft artist's paintbrush.

Avoid Chemical Exposure:

  • Protect your headdress from exposure to chemicals as they can damage the delicate stones, pearls, crystals, and glass beads used in the design.
  • Hairspray, in particular, can cause significant damage to precious stones, pearls, and the coating on many glass beads. It can also accelerate tarnish on natural and plated metals.
  • To prevent damage and discoloration, position your hair accessory after using hairspray and styling products.

Avoid Getting Wet:

  • While water is unlikely to damage your headpiece, avoid immersing it in water, especially if it contains fabrics like silk.

By following these care instructions, you'll help preserve the beauty and longevity of your headdress and hair accessories.

How do I look after my jewelry?

Jewelry is often intricate and delicately hand-wired, so it requires gentle and careful treatment. Here are some tips to keep your jewelry in great condition:

Avoid Chemical Exposure:

  • If your jewelry features semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, glass pearls, or crystals, be cautious about exposing them to chemicals, as this could cause damage.

Tarnish Prevention:

  • I do not recommend using chemicals to clean your jewelry. Instead, store it in its box and then place the box in a sealed container to prevent tarnishing. Avoiding prolonged exposure to air is the best way to prevent tarnishing from occurring.

Cleaning Tarnish:

  • If you need to remove tarnish from sterling silver or brass, you can use natural lemon juice. Apply lemon juice gently with a cotton bud or a small piece of cloth, rubbing it into the metal. However, be sure to thoroughly rinse the piece with mild soapy water afterward, as lemon juice is a strong acid. Take care to avoid contact with any stones or beadwork.

Restoring Shine:

  • For more robust silver or brass items, like my Leaf headpieces, you can gently rub them with a soft nail buffer to remove tarnish and restore shine. Always be gentle when doing this.

By following these recommendations, you can help ensure the longevity and beauty of your jewelry.


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