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Crowns & Gowns with Lucie & Monica

Step into the enchanting world of  Crowns & Gowns, where the artistry of Lavlii's Lucie Motherway and Monica's Bridal Boutique intertwine to create a symphony of timeless elegance. This collaboration celebrates the union of exceptional craftsmanship and a passion for curating bridal dreams. Let's delve into the stories behind Lucie and Monica, the creative minds behind Crowns & Gowns.

Monica's Bridal Boutique

Monica's Bridal Boutique,
                                   an exclusive haven for one-of-a-kind  wedding dresses, aligns seamlessly with our vision at Lavlii.

Together, we curate the ideal, unique ensemble for your wedding day. Monica's commitment to a one-time-only gown policy ensures each dress is exclusive, guaranteeing no two brides will share the same gown. This policy epitomizes our dedication to providing brides with unparalleled individuality.
Moreover, Monica's boutique offers a rare and remarkable feature – 
the ability to create bespoke gowns from scratch.
This distinctive offering elevates Monica's Bridal Boutique to a realm of its own, setting it apart from traditional boutiques. In a market where uniqueness is cherished, Monica's ability to craft a gown tailored to your desires makes the boutique an extraordinary destination.

The collaboration between Lavlii and Monica's Bridal Boutique promises an enchanting fusion of bespoke accessories and exclusive gowns, ensuring your wedding ensemble is a masterpiece of individuality and elegance.

Lucie Motherway of Lavlii

Lucie Motherway, the artistic force behind Lavlii, is a master of crafting timeless bridal accessories. With an extensive background in jewelry design and a deep appreciation for nature's beauty, Lucie weaves her passion into each meticulously handcrafted piece.

Specializing in bridal accessories, Lucie creates pieces that transcend trends, capturing the essence of romance and elegance. Her delicate floral crowns and intricately designed headpieces are inspired by the inherent beauty found in the natural world. Each creation at Lavlii is a testament to Lucie's commitment to sustainability and bespoke craftsmanship, setting her work apart in the realm of bridal accessories.

As a designer, Lucie is driven by the desire to offer unique, made-to-order pieces that reflect the individual style and personality of each bride. Her dedication to sustainable practices ensures that Lavlii's creations not only stand out for their beauty but also for their ethical and environmental consciousness.

Discover the enchanting world of Lavlii, where Lucie's artistry transforms bridal accessories into cherished heirlooms. From the initial inspiration drawn from nature's wonders to the final creation of each piece, Lucie's commitment to timeless elegance and sustainable practices is evident in every facet of Lavlii's bridal accessory collection.

The Collaboration

Crowns & Gowns is the result of a harmonious collaboration between Monica and Lucie. Together, they bring brides a curated experience that seamlessly merges the allure of Monica's gowns with the enchantment of Lavlii's accessories. This collaboration transforms the bridal journey into a cohesive narrative, where the gown and the crown become integral chapters in a bride's love story.

Crafting Your Bridal Story

For brides seeking a harmonious blend of gowns and crowns, Crowns & Gowns offers a curated selection that effortlessly marries Monica's bridal expertise with Lucie's artistic vision. Whether you envision a fairytale ballgown paired with a regal crown or a sleek, modern gown complemented by a delicate headpiece, Crowns & Gowns is your destination for a truly enchanting bridal experience.

Bring Your Wedding Fashion Dream to Life

Crowns & Gowns with Lucie & Monica is a celebration of craftsmanship, style, and the timeless allure of bridal elegance.

Step into this magical realm, where gowns and crowns come together to tell your unique love story. 

Visit Monica's Bridal Boutique and Lavlii to embark on a journey of discovery and find the perfect harmony for your wedding day.


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