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Crafting an Organic Natural Wedding Look with Lavlii: A Bride's Guide

Your wedding day is a unique opportunity to express your style and celebrate your love in a way that's meaningful to you. The trend of crafting an organic, natural wedding look has been gaining popularity, and brides are choosing accessories that embrace the beauty of nature and elegance. In this blog post, we'll explore how to create a breathtakingly organic wedding look with the exquisite handcrafted
accessories from Lavlii, a Sarasota and Tampa-based brand known for its fine metals, pearls, and crystal creations.

The Lavlii Experience

Lavlii specializes in handcrafting stunning wedding accessories, including jewelry,crowns, tiaras, and hairpieces. Their creations are meticulously designed to reflect the organic beauty of the natural world. With Lavlii, you can infuse your wedding look with elegance and a touch of nature-inspired charm.

Start with a Simple Wedding Gown

Lavlii's accessories are designed to complement a range of wedding gown styles.To create your organic wedding look, consider starting with a simple, understated wedding gown. A minimalist dress with clean lines and soft fabrics will provide the
perfect canvas for Lavlii's handcrafted accessories to shine.

Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Lavlii offers a stunning collection of nature-inspired jewelry that can elevate your wedding look. Look for pieces adorned with delicate leaves, floral motifs, or intricate vine patterns. These pieces can be worn as necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, adding a touch of organic elegance to your ensemble.

Crown or Tiara

For a truly enchanting and organic look, consider wearing a Lavlii crown or tiara. These pieces are handcrafted with fine metals, pearls, and crystals, and they often
incorporate nature-inspired elements such as vines, leaves, and flowers. A Lavlii crown or tiara can make you feel like a woodland queen on your special day.

Hairpieces and Combs

Lavlii's hairpieces and combs are perfect for brides looking to add a subtle yet impactful touch to their hairstyle. Whether you opt for a crystal-encrusted hairpin or a pearl-studded comb, these accessories can effortlessly enhance your natural beauty.

Coordinating with Your Bridal Party

Lavlii's accessories are versatile and can be customized to match the color scheme of your wedding or coordinate with your bridal party's attire. Consider gifting Lavlii's handcrafted jewelry to your bridesmaids, creating a cohesive and organic look for your entire bridal party.

Embracing Your Natural Beauty

To complete your organic wedding look, keep your makeup light and natural. A soft,
earthy color palette and a subtle glow will complement Lavlii's accessories perfectly. For your hairstyle, opt for loose waves or a loose updo that allows your chosen Lavlii pieces to shine.

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Creating a breathtakingly organic wedding look is all about embracing the beauty of
nature and infusing it into every aspect of your attire. Lavlii's exquisite handcrafted accessories, featuring fine metals, pearls, and crystals, provide the perfect way to
achieve this aesthetic. From nature-inspired jewelry to crowns, tiaras, and hairpieces, Lavlii's creations will add an enchanting touch to your wedding ensemble. By choosing Lavlii, you'll not only look stunning on your big day but also feel a deep connection to the natural world, making your wedding an unforgettable
celebration of love and nature's beauty.

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