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Ocean Elegance Headband


In stock

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Introducing the Ocean Elegance headpiece, a stunning accessory that showcases real sea glass pebbles hand-wired meticulously onto a silver-plated, flexible, and adjustable headband. These sea glass treasures, collected straight from the ocean, are genuine and have been thoughtfully drilled with two holes each to be delicately attached to the beautiful headband. Following our practices, we never use glue; instead, we hand-wire, ensuring flexibility and allowing you to adjust the headband as much as needed.

This meticulous technique not only guarantees adjustability but also ensures the longevity of this exquisite piece. The sea glass is complemented by Austrian crystals in beachy hues of light azure and opal Czech fire-polished briolettes. These oceanic opals bring a delicate touch and a perfect complement to this very unique and intricate headband. The Ocean Elegance headpiece is not just a stunning accessory; it's a timeless and enduring representation of the beauty found in the treasures of the sea.

Piece approximate measurements:
- the entire headband measures 16”
- the adorned part is 6” long, 1.3” at its widest, and 0.8” at its tallest

Style H089

Our products are meticulously handmade in our USA-based studio, ensuring quality craftsmanship.

Skillfully hand-wired to ensure lasting support.

  • natural sea glass
  • opal blue stone briolettes
  • Austrian crystals in azure
  • artistic wire
  • silver plated headband

Expect the dispatch of your unique creation within an estimated timeframe of 3-7 days.

For those looking for expedited processing, you can use a rush order option. Please feel free to contact us at for personalized assistance.

Kindly note that all final sale made-to-order items are non-returnable and non-exchangeable. We value your understanding and thank you for selecting our custom-crafted offerings.

Handcrafted to order by skilled artisans, each piece possesses a distinctive and unique composition of components, showcasing the individual touch of the artist's hands rather than being mass-produced by machines.

These nuances, far from imperfections, enhance the bespoke elegance of our handcrafted treasures.

Please be aware that the final color spectrum may appear differently based on your screen.

Sea Glass:
Sea glass, also known as beach glass, is glass that finds its way to the ocean, undergoes weathering and erosion by saltwater and sand, and washes up on beaches as smooth, polished fragments. The origin of sea glass can be traced back to various sources:

  1. Discarded Glass Bottles and Objects: Before modern waste management practices, people used to dispose of glass bottles, jars, and other items by throwing them into rivers or the sea. Over time, these glass pieces would break and be worn down by the water, eventually turning into sea glass.
  2. Shipwrecks: Historical shipwrecks often carried glassware as part of their cargo. When ships sank, the glass would be broken, and the fragments would be tumbled by the sea, forming sea glass.
  3. Coastal Industry: Some sea glass originates from glass factories and industrial sites located near coastlines. Waste glass from these areas could end up in the sea and become sea glass.
  4. Warfare: Coastal areas that were sites of wartime activities might have remnants of glass from damaged ships, aircraft, or structures. Over time, these fragments turn into sea glass.
  5. Dumping Sites: Some areas were used as dumping sites for glass and other waste. As these sites erode, the glass fragments are carried into the sea, where they are weathered into sea glass.

Sea glass comes in various colors, with white, green, and brown being the most common. Rarer colors include blue, red, and orange. Collectors often value sea glass for its smooth, frosted appearance and use it in jewelry, crafts, and decorative items. The process of creating sea glass can take several decades, depending on factors such as the type of glass, the composition of the water, and the local climate. Today, sea glass collecting is a popular hobby, and enthusiasts often explore beaches in search of these unique and weathered treasures.

To ensure its enduring beauty, treat the headband with the utmost care by refraining from any contact with perfume and water.
Safely store it in the provided dust bag or box to preserve its timeless allure—handle with the utmost care, steering clear of drops or bending for enduring elegance.

Delve into our "Jewelry Cleaning and Care Guide" located in the "About" section for further insights on maintaining its enduring beauty.

Photography by Nikos Tsakinis @nikostsakinisphotography

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